Good Things To Know About The Dachshunds Breed

Published: 14th November 2006
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When it comes to speaking about Dachshunds, the first thing you need to know is that their breed was especially meant for hunting badgers. The name of the breed originates in Germany, where the word "dachs" actually means "badger". These small dogs are the result of selective breeding, in order to get the physical features that would allow the dog to follow the badger into a hole and pull it out. The Dachshunds have all the tenacity it takes in order to pursue its prey until it is caught. They are also used to hunt rabbits and foxes and all sorts of small animals.

This breed consists of dogs with short legs, so that they can dig and stand upright in tight holes. The Dachshunds are very special dogs, mostly due to their length. That body has earned them two nicknames: "Weenie Dog" and "Weiner Dog". But this is not such a good thing for them, as these dogs often have health problems. Because of their long body, the Dachshunds often suffer hips and back problems. They cannot jump very well and jumping can cause additional harm to backs and hips. These dogs are very likely to become overweight, which can make their back problems even worse.

There are three different types of Dachshunds: long haired, wire haired and short haired. The short haired ones are the easiest to groom, as you may have already guessed. There are also three different sizes for this breed: standard, miniature and toy.

Their colors are also various. Even if most of the Dachshunds are brown, black or a combination of the two colors.
These dogs are actually quite smart, as they quickly learn new things. They are perfect pets, though sometimes somewhat irritable and territorial. Dachshunds and children who are raised together can become quite inseparable.

Dachshunds are very active indoors, but they still need more exercise. Plenty of exercise is a good way to help keep down the weight that Dachshunds tend to gain so easily. So, take them out and you will see how happy they get playing for hours at favorite games or simply running along chasing nothing.

The most important thing is to remember the origins of these dogs, as they have been bred for hunting and thus get endless energy for hunting or playing. They are not the ideal pet for everyone of us, because they tend to try to dominate their universe.

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